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Occupy Wall Street: Links to Media, Information, and Commentary, October 4-11.

2011 October 4
by timarchy

Note: I am no longer tracking media on Occupy Movement. I have left these up for people who are interested in a sample of coverage between October 4-11.

As the Occupy Wall Street Movement contesting the undemocratic, unequal and socially unjust organization of wealth spreads across the U.S., Canada and cities around the world there has been a lack of mainstream media coverage. Ongoing, I am compiling some links to media, information and coverage here. Please feel free to contribute by posting links or sharing in the comment section. (Directory and links to Occupy Movements in Canadian Cities )

October 11 2011

October 10 2011

October 9 2011

October 8 2011 7 2011–131382728.html

October 7 2011–the-big-deal-will-occupy-wall-street-take-on-a-local-flavour

October 6 2011

October 5 2011

October 4/2011

Some Previous Coverage and Commentary

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